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User can download the software and the data using "download" links below.

raceland - R package for a pattern-based, zoneless method for analysis and visualization of racial topography

The raceland package implements a computational framework for a pattern-based, zoneless analysis and visualization of (ethno)racial topography (Dmowska et al 2020). It is a reimagined approach for analyzing residential segregation and racial diversity based on the concept of ‘landscape’ used in the domain of landscape ecology.  Racial landscape, represented by a high-resolution raster grid with each cell containing only inhabitants of a single race, is quantified by two metrics (entropy and mutual information) derived from Information Theory concept (IT). Entropy is the measure of racial diversity and mutual information measures racial segregation.

The R package website

sabre The sabre (Spatial Association Between REgionalizations) is an R package for calculating a degree of spatial association between regionalizations or categorical maps. This package offers support for sf spatial objects, and the following methods (i) the V-measure method (Nowosad and Stepinski, 2018) and (ii) the MapCurve method (Hargrove et al., 2006).

The R package website

belg Boltzmann entropy (also called configurational entropy) has been recently applied to analyze entropy of landscape gradients (Gao et al. (2017), Gao et al.(2018)). The goal of the R package belg is to provide an efficient implementation (in C++) of the method for calculation of the landscape gradient's Boltzmann entropy.

The R package website

r.geomorphons This software is an implementation of our machine vision-based "Geomorphons" methodology for fast and robust mapping of landforms from digital elevation models (DEMs). More information one can find in this paper. This implementation is made in GRASS 7 environment as a GRASS add-on module r.geomorphons. The module is written in ANSI C. In order to install r.geomorphons in GRASS system follow the standard manual instalation of GRASS add-on. An instruction on how to compile the add-on module is on the GRASS wiki page. This software is distributed under GNU Public License v.2.

The GRASS software package r.geomorphons. Download

r.clump4p This software is an extension of GRASS module r.clump. The input to r.clump4p is a categorical raster layer. The module finds and labels connected components in the input raster. The output is the raster layer containing the labels. The difference between r.clump4p and the original r.clump is in utilization of "divide and conquer" technique and in taking advanatge of parallel computing using shared memory model (OpenMP) which results in significant performance gain. The module supports both, 4-connected and 8-connected cell connectivities. The module was tested using giga-pixel size raster containing US National Land Cover Database 2006 resulting in identification of 221 718 501 connected components (or clumps). The performance gain on this raster was 450 times over the original r.clump. This software is distributed under GNU Public License v.2.

The GRASS software package r.clump4p. Download

Sample data (from NLCD 2006) to test r.clump4p. Download

Regionalization of landscapes. This is a software package accompanying the paper "Regionalization of multi-categorical landscapes using machine vision methods" by J. Niesterowicz and T.F. Stepinski, Applied Geography, 45, pp250-258, 2013. This software is distributed under GNU Public License v.2.

The GRASS software package and study area data (37 MB) Download

GeoPAT Toolbox This is a software package accompanying the paper "GeoPAT: A toolbox for pattern-based information retrieval from large geospatial databases" by J. Jasiewicz, P. Netzel, and T.F. Stepinski published in Computers and Geosciences. This software is distributed under GNU Public License v.2.

Download the software package as a zip archive (2.4 MB) Download

Download the software package as a tar.gz file (2.8 MB) Download

Manual/guide for GeoPAT (2.5MB) Download

Data for calculating examples given in the manual (58 MB) Download

Segmentation - part of upcoming GeoPAT2.0 This is a software package accompanying the paper "Multi-scale segmentation for partitioning large geospatial rasters into units containing consistent patterns of raster variable" by J.Jasiewicz, T.Stepinski, J.Niesterowicz submited to Computer and Geosciences. This software is distributed under GNU Public License v.2.

Download the software package as a zip archive. Download

Dasymetric modeling for the entire U.S This is a set of nine R scripts, which we used to preprocesing data and perform dasymetric modeling for the entire U.S based on NLCD as ancillary data and U.S Census block level data downloaded from NHGIS. This set of scripts use following R libraries: DBI, RSQLite, rgdal, rgrass7. Dasymetric calculation was performed usinf R, preprocessing of ancillary data was performed using GRASS GIS 7.0.  An additional description of performing dasymetric modeling for the entire U.S is presented in paper "A high resolution population grid for the conterminous United States: The 2010 edition" by A.Dmowska and T.Stepinski, submitted to Computers, Environment and Urban Systems and in short paper "High resolution, multi-year compatible dasymetric models of US population" by A.Dmowska, T.Stepinski and P.Netzel submitted to GIScience 2016 conference.
Script r_download_sample_data.R allow to download and unzip set of scripts for performing dasymetric modeling and sample data sets. Please set only path to destination directory (out_pf in script), where scripts and data will be unziped.

Download the R scripts as zip arviche Download

Sample data set: GRASS GIS location for Ohio (266 MB) Download

Sample data set: US Census data for Ohio (4.9 MB) Download

Published on  October 4th, 2020