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This website presents the projects developed by the Space Informatics Lab located at the University of Cincinnati.
The Space Informatics Lab (SIL) was established in March 2011 by Dr. Tomasz Stepinski at the University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH, US). The University of Cincinnati is sponsoring Space Informatics Lab by establishing the Thomas Jefferson Endowed Chair in Space Exploration and earmarking funds to create a Space Exploration Research Fund.
The Space Informatics Lab-International Team is a group of researchers, now working at the different Universities, that collaborate with Dr. Tomasz Stepinski. We have started our collaboration as postdoctoral fellows or Ph.D. students in the Space Informatics Lab between 2011-2020.
The Space Informatics Lab (SIL) develops intelligent algorithms for fast and intuitive exploration of large spatial datasets that originate from remotely-sensed Earth or planetary data, or from the extensive ground survey - such as the U.S. Census Bureau data. Without effective tools for exploring and analyzing these big spatial datasets, the ability of the scientific community to obtain any insight from this data is limited. SIL aims to develop tools that make intelligent exploration of these vast datasets possible, intuitive, and accessible to the scientific community.

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More information about the projects can be found at the research project webpage.

Published on  October 4th, 2020


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